Live Pot Ready New Season Mussels with Rag Pasta and Pesto

The fresh, clean flavour of a classic basil pesto and the richness of pasta are magical partners to Kinkawooka Live pot ready Mussels.


1 pack Kinkawooka Live pot ready Mussels

250gm fresh or dried rag pasta

A splash of dry white wine

50gm butter

100gm pesto sauce

1/2 bunch torn basil leaves

  1.  Drain off the liquid in the bag and use the mussels straight away.

  2. Cook pasta in a pot of boiling salted water until tender but still has some "bite", drain and set aside.

  3. Cook mussels with a splash of white wine in a pot, lid on, high heat, for 4mins. Don't overcook mussels–they'll lose their soft texture.

  4. Remove mussels, add pesto to liquid and stir, add butter and melt, add pasta.

  5. Add mussels and torn basil, stir and pour into a hot bowl.

  6. Don't throw away any that are unopened after cooking–prise open and eat!