Kinkawooka Mussels are grown in the Mediterranean style to be small, soft and sweet. Unlike big oceanic mussels from open water farming, the true quality of the Bay grown mussel lies in its eating quality. At the start of the season in June, Kinkawooka mussels are typically “petit” with 60-70 pieces per kilo and a meat to shell ratio of nearly 50 per cent. As the harvest year continues, the mussels grow in size to 30-35 pieces per kilo by March. The Quality Control system operated by Kinkawooka Mussels ensure that the meat to shell ratio remains high throughout the season, but importantly that there is always an excellent eating mussel.


Mussel Pack Live Pot.png
Pot Ready

Kinkawooka’s famous live, scrubbed, cleaned and de-bearded mussels, packed in our unique ‘sea sure’ packaging – keeping them live and stress free making them soft, sweet and delicious, every time. There are approximately

40-50 pieces per kg.

Mussel Pack Live Pot.png
Retail Pack

Kinkawooka’s Live Pot Ready Mussels, packed in a convenient 500g pack – ideal for retail as a serve for 2 people.

Mussel Pack Live Pot.png
1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg
Caterer’s Pack

Kinkawooka’s Live Pot Ready Mussels come packed in a 5kg bag using our unique ‘sea sure’ technology. This format is ideal for restaurants, hotels or cafés – reducing waste, labour and cost.


Packed directly from the harvest boat, these mussels are not graded, scrubbed, cleaned or de-bearded but are keenly priced.


Kinkawooka can develop your own packaging for use in foodservice distribution or retail.


Kinkawooka mussels have developed a unique stock. Extracted from live mussels, minutes from harvesting, the Kinkawooka mussel stock is smooth, rich and sweet – an ideal base to soups, chowders or sauces. Packed in 2L frozen pouches.

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650g Cooked
Australian Blue Mussels 

We grade, scrub and de-beard our mussels, then cook our mussels in their natural juices and spring water within an hour of harvest to guarantee that every mussel in the bag is full, sweet and delicious. Chilled and packed in convenient 650g single serve packs, our Cooked Australian Blue Mussels can be eaten straight from the bag, heated with your favourite sauce or folded through pasta or rice to create a restaurant-quality meal in seconds.